High tensile steel wire mesh

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High tensile steel wire mesh belongs to the SNS (SoftNetSystem) active protection system.

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Product Description

High tensile steel wire mesh belongs to the SNS (SoftNetSystem) active protection system. It covers the slope surface with potential geological hazards by means of prestressed steel reinforcement (anchor) or steel wire rope anchor (with edge support rope), special anchor plate and edge support rope if necessary.Prestressed anchor part of flexible network realization of pretensioned, so as to form continuous support of the whole slope, the pre tensioning operation make the system as much as possible close to slope surface and formed the inhibition of local rock mass displacement of moving or in the event of a local or destroy it after wrapped bound (retention) in situ prestressed near, so as to realize its active protection (reinforced) function.


High tensile steel wire mesh are made of 3.0 high-strength steel wire with tensile strength over 1770MPa. The diameter of the inner connection circle of the mesh is 65mm. The length and width of the mesh are generally 10/20/30*3.5m.Bolt: generally USES one end (exposed section) with the phi 25/28 thread ordinary thread reinforced rock bolt or the finished rolled thread reinforced rock bolt, or USES the bolt which brings the anchor pad plate, and carries on the hot galvanizing anticorrosion treatment according to the need.Drive type bolt: select parts, with a 16 steel or double 16 steel rope bolt length is generally 0.3--0.6m, one end of the welding hook, steel bolt can be made according to the mountain weathering degree, the project needs to make 3 meters, 4 meters, 5 meters.


The system characteristics

Fixed mode: prestressed steel bolt, special anchor plate fastening

Bearing capacity: 3-5 times of ordinary steel wire grille

Investment level: traditional steel wire rope net 80%

Application: reinforcement and rockfall protection of soil slope, soil like slope and weathered rock slope.


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