Biodegradable Coconut Fibre Blankets

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Coconut fiber mat is made from coconut fiber and different specifications

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Product Description

Coconut fiber mat is made from coconut fiber and different specifications, PP tensile strength, grass through a special mechanical processing and become, coconut silk rug mesh density and size is reasonable, can smoothly through the thrive all kinds of grass seeds, coconut silk rug for plant early, middle and late growth respectively keep moisture, wind, heat preservation effect, coconut silk rug routine specifications: 2 x 30 meters, coconut and unit weight: 200-1000 g/m2, tensile strength is greater than 800 n/m (depending on the size of slope, the strongest plus 50 kn grille), shredded coconut vegetative blanket is highway, waterway, railway slope greening care of new materials.



Protection and reinforcement, through the coconut silk plant raw blanket slope protection technology treatment, plant, coconut silk plant raw blanket, slope surface three solid combination into a whole, effectively alleviate the rain on the slope erosion.

1.Coconut fibre blanket raw blanket into roll packaging, each roll of 13 kg, the construction is convenient and fast, low cost, a day a day laid 1000, 8 square meters, save labor and time, relative to other slope protection material cost savings of 30%.

2.Green environmental protection, one is the coconut silk plant carpet itself biodegradable non-toxic will not pollute the surrounding environment, two is the plant slope improved the surrounding landscape environment and air quality.


1.Horticulture industry (grape, 10,000-mu peach garden, etc.)

2.Roof greening (coconut silk planting blanket with water retaining agent, nutrient soil and grass seed cloth can be used),

3.Seed seedling (effectively improve the role of water, heat, light, fertilizer).


Coconut fibre blanket can be widely used in sandy soil, hillside, river, mining reclamation, railway, highway foundation slope ecological protection, ornamental horticulture industry and airport, football field, golf course, roof greening and so on.In line with the concept of returning the leaves to their roots and returning the straw to the field for soil conservation, the plant fiber blanket technology transforms the surplus resources in agriculture into ecological environment greening care products.According to the anti-erosion requirements, straw, coconut silk and other biomass materials can be used to form fiber layers of different thickness, and mixed grass seeds, water retaining agent and nutritive soil can be added.


1.Coconut fibre blanket covering the ground can not only prevent wind and soil fixation, slope protection, but also play a role in seed conservation, seedling, maintain plant growth.The seeds fall to the ground and take root, and the plant body develops and grows until the branches and leaves extend and take root, which can be completed under the care of the plant fiber blanket.With the increase of lignification degree of plant body, the role of vegetation ecological slope protection is enhanced, and the plant fiber blanket is gradually degraded into the surface saprophyte layer, and the soil is conserved.

2.Coconut fibre blanket covering the surface effectively improves the surface soil structure, and the plant fiber blanket enhances the ability to resist wind and water erosion.Effective care of plant seed germination, emergence of seedlings and leaves, rapid improvement of the surface micro-ecological environment, the traditional low efficiency of soil and water conservation technology has a fundamental change, greatly improve the efficiency of soil and water loss control, plant fiber blanket technology is a green care model can simplify the planting process, improve the quality of planting.

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