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Welded mesh barrier

Price:negotiated in person


Welded mesh barrier is made of Galvanized or Galfan coating steel wire or PVC coating wires.

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Product Description

Welded mesh barrier is made of  Galvanized or Galfan coating steel wire or PVC coating wires.The flexible structure can be square, rectangular, column and any special shapes .

The Welded mesh barrier planters are one of most important landscaping Welded mesh barriers for strong yet stylish boarder for a flower or plant bed, so it is also called, stone basket planters, steel flower baskets or even Welded mesh barrier raised garden bed. Except for Welded mesh barrier retaining walls or garden walls, the Welded mesh barrier landscaping is more and more popular in private or commercial sites. More and more people want to decorate their garden, courtyard and even office building with Welded mesh barriers and various shapes and colors stones.



Detailed specifications :

Wire diameters: 3/4/5/6 mm.
Hot dipped galvanized steel wire.
Galfan coated steel wire.
PVC coating steel wire.
Mesh size: 50 × 50 mm, 75 × 75 mm, 100 × 50 mm, 200 × 50 mm, etc.
Barrier size: varies according to customers' requirements.



Rustproof and weather resistance.

Durable, stable structure, long service life.
 Powder coating treatment .Colorful for your needs. black, red, yellow or any other colors.

Eco-friendly. It will not pollute the surrounding environments while make your site beautiful.

Beautiful and practicable

Low cost

Good resistance to natural forces


Simple and fast installation





Retaining wall structures
River and canal training
Erosion and scour protection; roadway protection; bridge protection
Hydraulic structures, dams and culverts
Coastal defence and protection works
Rockfall and soil erosion protection
Architectural cladding for walls and buildings
Freestanding walls, noise and environmental barriers
Boundary walls
Landscaping features
Raised flower beds

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